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21 -  MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / Do you Want Salt or Ketchup with your Fries? / Re: Are things like hash and hash oil still illegal?

Started by Robert Steele - Last post by josediaz on: February 27, 2014, 03:25:55 AM

What are has made up of

22 -  MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / Your Feelings on Colorado's New MMJ Laws / Legalization Means No More Shipping in Seeds!

Started by admin - Last post by admin on: February 22, 2014, 06:08:04 PM

I was told by a dispens ary that seeds are no longer availab le for mailing in from other States or Countri es. [not that it ever really was] Now the only legal seed is sold out of a MMJ Center using only their own bred seed.  Not many Centers are offerin g seed either, even less than clones.

I found persona lly that a seed catches up with a branche d clone and is inheren tly stronge r. I certain ly want the ability to choose either.

And what about the latest from Amsterd am?I like access to pure bred varieti es express ed from decades of breedin g by experts .

Anyone know about seed distrib ution, how tight is the market and how hard is it to get hemp seed also. Anyone? I will keep looking into it.

23 -  MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / To Vape or Not to Vape!

Started by admin - Last post by admin on: February 22, 2014, 05:24:20 PM

Warnings About the Fabulou s Vape Pens
I don't know what the elevati on level is for failure but I have heard many reports by MMJ Centers of differe nt types of problem s even while they are transpo rting them to their stores in the high mountai n towns.  I heard the most problem atic are the Rem Pens which can actuall y explode . It seems compani es have been trying for years to develop vape pens that can withsta nd the higher elevati ons, which by rumor, will be availab le very soon. The higher altitud e also can cause leakage and/or permane ntly damaged units.  Even leaving your vape pen in the car in the sub cold can make the oil clump and become unusabl e and may also damage the pen.

Over heating them in the summert ime is also a bad idea as the oil thins and leaks out and into the mechani cs and cause loss and possibl e failure .

Shipping also causes leakage whether flown or driven over high altitud es.

I love the vape pens but did develop a cough after primari ly using it for two weeks. Heard a report of taste changes and trouble switchi ng back to smoking .

Anyone want to share your experie nces?

24 -  MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Re: Is Californias possible legalization of marijuana a threat to Medical Marijuana

Started by Robert Steele - Last post by GerardM on: January 30, 2014, 07:32:38 PM

Weed decrimi nalizat ion regulat ions project ed to have economi c advanta ges. Contrar y to popular belief, Washing ton state and Colorad o did not legaliz e weed. As the substan ce is still governe d, voters in those states really passed cannabi s decrimi nalizat ion regulat ions. Semanti cs aside, those states are poised to reap economi c benefit s of doing so, not least of which being million in tax revenue . How often have you needed more details on how to get payday loans, and resorte d to an interne t search on "reputable payday loans?


Started by cynthiascat3 - Last post by cynthiascat3 on: October 04, 2013, 12:51:56 PM

I'm disable d, can't drive, really needing a local caregiv er. PLEASE" class="bbc_email">cynthia (970) 200-8564 (970) 201-6517 I'm in dwntwn GJ Thank You!

26 -  MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Re: Fall 2013 - Keep Troubleshooting or there may be no Harvest! Rain & Wind Damage!

Started by admin - Last post by admin on: September 24, 2013, 04:54:17 PM

NEWS: If you notice any brownin g of buds it may be serious! There is a worm that destroy s mature buds you need to search for. A small silver worm has been spotted and means disaste r to your harvest . The damaged buds must be removed, worms destroy ed if you can find them and the buds need to also be destroy ed as they will be full of excreme nt and not healthy smoking . Anyone ever had this happen?

27 -  MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Trouble with Browning Buds - Bad News!

Started by admin - Last post by admin on: September 10, 2013, 09:30:32 PM

Fall time: So near harvest, but now seems to be the time to be very watchfu l. Growing your plants through the many stages have you tired? Replant ing, constan t waterin g, fertili zing, protect ing from too much sun... Now is not the time to relax! Between gusty winds breakin g off heavy branche s, rain bending and snappin g floweri ng stalks, hail beating down or whateve r fall weather might bring; there is the biggest threat - the thieves start coming out. Beware of people scoutin g out your propert y, walking by or riding a bike, watchin g and learnin g what you have, where and when it will be ready. They watch and wait. Put up booby traps and bells if you are not under lock and key. Motion lights might harm your floweri ng if near but keep an eye out, keep the dogs near and buck shot ready! Tis the season for weasels and they will be out to reap your earned rewards . And yes, ten to one it will be someone you know.

28 -  Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Dr. Wendy is in G.J. Every Other Thursday at the Ramada Inn

Started by admin - Last post by admin on: February 10, 2013, 03:51:15 PM

Need a Doctor's Appoint ment to apply for your mmj license?  Ever other Thursda y Dr. Wendy is in Grand Junctio n, CO. at the Ramada Inn at 752 Horizon GJ.

29 -  Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / New Mobile App Featuring Deals In The Durango Area

Started by DurangoChronic - Last post by DurangoChronic on: December 09, 2012, 04:55:07 PM


I just wanted to share a new website and mobile app that I recentl y develop ed last week. The concept all started with the idea of making a complet e directo ry for our local area. Weedmap s, Potloca tor and all those other sites don't have it.

That idea quickly snowbal led into posting all the local deals and menus. We've current ly got 10 deals from 4 dispens aries and smoke shops, and have been talking heavily with the remaini ng.

We have also built and hosted Gandolf's Smoke Shop a website on a subdoma in of our own, and are doing the same for Smoking Peppers Fruitla nd, NM locatio n, as well as their Durango locatio n.

We are doing the same for several of our local glass-blowers.

Our directo ry is the most complet e (though I'm still not satisfi ed) and we'll have more content soon, includi ng up-to-date menus and more.

For more informa tion, visit If there is any informa tion that we are missing, please let me know!

Thank you all!

30 -  Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / November 2012 A Good Year for Colorado MMJ Fans

Started by admin - Last post by admin on: November 25, 2012, 02:46:08 PM

Well, who would have believe d it?  Thank you to all the activis ts who have tireles sly worked on MMJ freedom in these US States.  Well done Colorad o and Washing ton!  Thank you - The People! 
I want to also thank all the anti-mmj activis ts too!  They finally showed themsel ves to be so ridicul ous, unintel ligent and pushed their persona l wants too far thus pushing the crowd in the opposit e directi on. Thank you Diane Cox for being a proud example of how whiny reteric turns people off.  Thank you for losing more votes than you ever won.
Now what will happen? Will the pseudo interes ts spoil the People Given Right like always? All those trying to make a buck with new laws, fines, clarifi cations   and if-and-buts.  The way I see it; the lawyers were jealous of the Doctors making all that money and passed laws for hiring stimula tion.  Big busines s saw the rush and wanted in. They added up the numbers .  No one wants small busines s start-ups when there is a big profit ahead. It is all about the Powers-at-large squashi ng the 98% efforts to join. My advice is, as I observe d the whole deal develop, this time KEEP A LOW PROFILE!  Stay behind legal closed doors sans Cheech & Chong type motifs and names.  In Grand Junctio n we know who was above board and who was breakin g the laws, jerking everyon e around with incredi ble careles sness, lies and bullsh*t.  They would have been weeded out and the busines s in general would have righted itself - if given time; but the wrongdo ers ruined it for everyon e.
All I can say YES! to another hit to the cartels! YES! to nouveau homegro wn!  YES! to more Power to the People!  YES! to real surpris es like Amendme nt 64 passing!
PLEASE: keep a low profile / don't flaunt / fight restric tions and don't give them any reasons . Let's take the MMJ busines s to the next level to mainstr eam it without a growing base of haters. Cherish this Right - or it will be Taken!

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