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on: February 14, 2016, 10:11:03 AM 1 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Pure Sativa Seeds

I'm a Colorad o medical marijua na patient who grows pure cannabi s sativa  organic ally outdoor s in Colorad o. I grow out some strains of my plants to produce seeds. I want other medical patient s and home growers in Colorad o to have access to these seeds so that they can grow and experie nce this pure, potent form of medicin e.
My current 2016 seed offerin gs are Oaxacan, Panama (pink/red pistil), Malawi, Colombi an Punto Rojo, Golden Tiger (Malawi x Thai) and Zamalde lica (Zamal x Malawi/Thai).

Future seed offerin gs: Colombi an, Guatema lan, Mexican, Jamaica n, Thai, Burmese, Laotian, Vietnam ese, Zamal, Hawaiia n, African, Indones ian, Haze

Colorad o Departm ent of Agricul ture Farmer Seed Labeler license #001JQV
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