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on: August 09, 2015, 09:25:12 PM 1 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Is This Site Helping Anyone?

This is from admin: I am trying to see whether I should continu e to keep this site going. Very few people have ever comment ed on the forum so I have no way of knowing whether it is useful.  Is this site useful to anyone? Would the other pages, Communi ty and Dispens ary, be helpful without the forum or is it all a waste of time.  It has been a public service, a voice in a blanket ed section of society but if no one cares I can easily discont inue the whole site. Any opinion s on if it should remain or if it helps anyone or how often you may use it? If everyon e could please leave a comment it would be appreci ated.

on: February 22, 2014, 06:08:04 PM 2 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / Your Feelings on Colorado's New MMJ Laws / Legalization Means No More Shipping in Seeds!

I was told by a dispens ary that seeds are no longer availab le for mailing in from other States or Countri es. [not that it ever really was] Now the only legal seed is sold out of a MMJ Center using only their own bred seed.  Not many Centers are offerin g seed either, even less than clones.

I found persona lly that a seed catches up with a branche d clone and is inheren tly stronge r. I certain ly want the ability to choose either.

And what about the latest from Amsterd am?I like access to pure bred varieti es express ed from decades of breedin g by experts .

Anyone know about seed distrib ution, how tight is the market and how hard is it to get hemp seed also. Anyone? I will keep looking into it.

on: February 22, 2014, 05:24:20 PM 3 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / To Vape or Not to Vape!

Warnings About the Fabulou s Vape Pens
I don't know what the elevati on level is for failure but I have heard many reports by MMJ Centers of differe nt types of problem s even while they are transpo rting them to their stores in the high mountai n towns.  I heard the most problem atic are the Rem Pens which can actuall y explode . It seems compani es have been trying for years to develop vape pens that can withsta nd the higher elevati ons, which by rumor, will be availab le very soon. The higher altitud e also can cause leakage and/or permane ntly damaged units.  Even leaving your vape pen in the car in the sub cold can make the oil clump and become unusabl e and may also damage the pen.

Over heating them in the summert ime is also a bad idea as the oil thins and leaks out and into the mechani cs and cause loss and possibl e failure .

Shipping also causes leakage whether flown or driven over high altitud es.

I love the vape pens but did develop a cough after primari ly using it for two weeks. Heard a report of taste changes and trouble switchi ng back to smoking .

Anyone want to share your experie nces?

on: September 10, 2013, 09:30:32 PM 4 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Trouble with Browning Buds - Bad News!

Fall time: So near harvest, but now seems to be the time to be very watchfu l. Growing your plants through the many stages have you tired? Replant ing, constan t waterin g, fertili zing, protect ing from too much sun... Now is not the time to relax! Between gusty winds breakin g off heavy branche s, rain bending and snappin g floweri ng stalks, hail beating down or whateve r fall weather might bring; there is the biggest threat - the thieves start coming out. Beware of people scoutin g out your propert y, walking by or riding a bike, watchin g and learnin g what you have, where and when it will be ready. They watch and wait. Put up booby traps and bells if you are not under lock and key. Motion lights might harm your floweri ng if near but keep an eye out, keep the dogs near and buck shot ready! Tis the season for weasels and they will be out to reap your earned rewards . And yes, ten to one it will be someone you know.

on: February 10, 2013, 03:51:15 PM 5 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Dr. Wendy is in G.J. Every Other Thursday at the Ramada Inn

Need a Doctor's Appoint ment to apply for your mmj license?  Ever other Thursda y Dr. Wendy is in Grand Junctio n, CO. at the Ramada Inn at 752 Horizon GJ.

on: November 25, 2012, 02:46:08 PM 6 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / November 2012 A Good Year for Colorado MMJ Fans

Well, who would have believe d it?  Thank you to all the activis ts who have tireles sly worked on MMJ freedom in these US States.  Well done Colorad o and Washing ton!  Thank you - The People! 
I want to also thank all the anti-mmj activis ts too!  They finally showed themsel ves to be so ridicul ous, unintel ligent and pushed their persona l wants too far thus pushing the crowd in the opposit e directi on. Thank you Diane Cox for being a proud example of how whiny reteric turns people off.  Thank you for losing more votes than you ever won.
Now what will happen? Will the pseudo interes ts spoil the People Given Right like always? All those trying to make a buck with new laws, fines, clarifi cations   and if-and-buts.  The way I see it; the lawyers were jealous of the Doctors making all that money and passed laws for hiring stimula tion.  Big busines s saw the rush and wanted in. They added up the numbers .  No one wants small busines s start-ups when there is a big profit ahead. It is all about the Powers-at-large squashi ng the 98% efforts to join. My advice is, as I observe d the whole deal develop, this time KEEP A LOW PROFILE!  Stay behind legal closed doors sans Cheech & Chong type motifs and names.  In Grand Junctio n we know who was above board and who was breakin g the laws, jerking everyon e around with incredi ble careles sness, lies and bullsh*t.  They would have been weeded out and the busines s in general would have righted itself - if given time; but the wrongdo ers ruined it for everyon e.
All I can say YES! to another hit to the cartels! YES! to nouveau homegro wn!  YES! to more Power to the People!  YES! to real surpris es like Amendme nt 64 passing!
PLEASE: keep a low profile / don't flaunt / fight restric tions and don't give them any reasons . Let's take the MMJ busines s to the next level to mainstr eam it without a growing base of haters. Cherish this Right - or it will be Taken!

on: August 12, 2012, 12:52:00 AM 7 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / Your Feelings on Colorado's New MMJ Laws / Voting in November 2012

How will you vote?
Push for Choices!
What Are the Choices? What Should be the Choices?
  • To legaliz e MMJ for those over 21 years.
  • To bring back the MMJ Centers in Mesa County.
  • To stop all mmj product s, their sale and use.
  • Criminalize use and users.
  • Decriminalize possess ion to fine and ticketi ng.
  • Federal protect ion for Right to Use
  • State protect ion for Use
  • Protect Rights within Home
  • Vote for stricte r laws
  • Vote for less strict laws.
  • Vote for freedom and wholene ss for our Nation.
  • Stop the Drug compani es: Open Rehab & Mental Health Facilit ies
  • Stop the Drug Cartels

on: August 12, 2012, 12:17:00 AM 8 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Where to go now? Where is everyone going?

Hey Western Slope!
No local centers open but one very busy one in Palisad e? No clones sold in Garfiel d or Eagle County! Concent rates hard to find? Where are good edibles? How do I find the mmj creams & lotions I used to get?
Where is everyon e going?[/b]Share with us what you are doing, where are you going, is everyon e growing? What good spots have you found during dry periods? How far are you willing to go?
  • No Problem! 8)
  • Travel over 50 miles for medicin e. :(
  • Travel over 100 miles for mmj product s. >:(
  • Travel over 200 miles. :o
  • Gave up and sufferi ng. :-[
  • Local caregiv er still availab le :-*
  • Growing success fully, never run out. :)
  • Growing and struggl ing. :D
  • Stuck - no help found. :P
  • Back to the streets with shady dealers . :'(
  • Wish it was differe nt! :-*

on: May 06, 2011, 04:32:41 PM 9 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / What are you Doing Now?

What is everyon e doing now that the MMJ Centers are gone?  What is the alterna tive? Am I the only one disappo inted?  What is it like for you? We need to let Palisad e know we will boycott their town if they fold like Grand Junctio n.

on: April 14, 2011, 03:59:40 AM 10 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Our Dispensaries are Gone - Doesn't Anyone Have Anything to Add?

So the 'Right' mobiliz ed and out-voted the right to MMJ the majorit y voters gave to us.  Go figure.  So, where is everyon e?  Doesn't anyone have somethi ng to say?  The Cannabi s Cup is at the end of the month in Aspen and Mesa County is out of busines s!  Aren't you disappo inted? I know this forum is hard to use but TRY!  Diane Cox of Palisad e is turning her narrow born-again sights on destroy ing the last standin g MMJ Center in Palisad e, with her coaliti on cohorts .  We deserve to lose the Right if everyon e remains silent.  But then again, why should anyone draw attenti on to themsel ves or need to be noticed at all.  The powers-of-greed -to-be lied to us and waylaid our Law.  So OK no one wants to stand out and be a sitting duck, so let's quietly get a list togethe r and start boycott ing the busines ses and persons and groups that activel y sought to destroy the MMJ busines ses.  We just stop support ing them.  In this small town that CAN make a differe nce.  So start nosing around and make a few calls and see who activel y helped the ban pass.  Email us and we will compile a list. And then be brave and actuall y stop using their busines ses: just don't eat there, don't use their service s, don't support their causes, don't shop there, stop buying there.. . We can make a differe nce.  Even quietly!

on: April 08, 2011, 04:20:57 AM 11 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / What Went Wrong? In my Opinion...

 :( Frankly I feel that the mmj repeal in Grand Junctio n is mainly due to to the
careles s ridicul ousness of many dispens aries promoti ng in-your-face adverti sing, bad placeme nt of their centers, some owners careles sness of losing records, dispens ing medicin e in questio nable contain ers, not making good on their special s, breakin g the rules, overall over-pricing from the beginni ng, marijua na leaves plaster ed on the outside of their shops, goofy cliche names, the list goes on. If everyon e was behind plain unmarke d busines s-zoned office doors no one would have noticed .  Am I the only one that felt the LEAST importa nt as a patient? Am I the only one who thought the pricing was greedy and way too high in general for us patient s? Am I the only one that felt I heavily support ed many dispens aries and got little back?  How about an email or call that you were closing?  I truly loved the whole scene watchin g the busines ses grow and we fully support ed and freely adverti sed for them, but NOT ONE dispens ary linked to us or gave us any news or ran special s through us [at no charge].  But we are none-the-less sad and grievin g for all their wasted efforts, applaud ing their achieve ments; and also for the continu al stupidi ty of this area and for the unsuppo rtivene ss Grand Junctio n showed when everyon e complie d.  Now that the corpora tions know how much interes t people have in mmj product s and how much money they will spend, they will grab this Right and own it - and us;  to use it for their corpora te profit/greed.  What out everyon e! [is that monsant o I smell?]

on: December 18, 2010, 02:01:54 AM 12 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Newest Rules & Regulations Dec. 15, 2010 - Proposed Changes to Laws

How is this effecti ng you, your caregiv er and availab ility?

In a 99 page list of draft rules crafting the nation's most extensi ve rules for all commerc ial marijua na sales, growing facilit ies and transpo rtation .

Colorado will govern all aspects of the commerc ial sale of marijua na includi ng:
  • how growers raise their pot plants,
  • four pages of banned pestici des and chemica ls
  • patient s must remain with caregiv er for at least 120 days
  • new labelin g on edibles
  • dispens aries are require d to impleme nt complet e video surveil lance and recordi ng systems for 24 hour monitor ing keeping all sales on camera & keeping them 20 days
  • new sale curfew of 8am - 7 pm or fines or loss of busines s
  • rules for confisc ated goods if under investi gation
  • and lots lots more!

on: November 30, 2010, 11:57:26 AM 13 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Polls Re-Opened - Please VOTE! Show your opinion and support!

 ::) Come on Western Slope. No wonder we lost the vote!  No Action = No MMJ.  Show your support and join in the convers ation.  Let us know you exist!  Vote in a poll!  Leave a comment!  CARE!

on: November 30, 2010, 09:25:02 AM 14 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Has the Mesa County/Grand Junction ban changed things for you?

Come on People! Time to Speak! Tell everyone how you feel?

on: April 23, 2010, 03:07:29 AM 15 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Aspen's Cannabis Crown

If you went to Aspen leave us your impress ion of the whole ordeal.

on: April 20, 2010, 03:43:14 AM 16 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Aspen's Cannabis Crown - All the Dope!
 ;D Fun times in Aspen for the 1st Cannabi s Crown - Find out all the Dope, Picture s too!
Check out Rocky Mountai n High - Aspen's 2010 Cannabi s Crown

on: March 10, 2010, 04:08:25 PM 17 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Recall: Products Containing Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

U S Food and Drug Administration, Protecting and Promoting Your Health
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetab le Protein Contain ing Product s Recall List
Recall: Product s Contain ing Hydroly zed Vegetab le Protein               
Information current as of noon March 08, 2010
101 entries in list

Hydroly zed Vegetab le Protein Contain ing Product s Recall List: Main Page
Note:This list include s product s subject to recall in the United Statess ince Februar y 2010 related to hydroly zed vegetab le protein (HVP) pastean d powder distrib uted by Basic Food Flavors, Inc. This list will beupdat ed with publicl y availab le informa tion as receive d. Theinfo rmation  is current as of the date indicat ed. Once include d, recalls will remain listed. If we learn that any informa tion is not accurat e,we will revise the list as soon as possibl e. When availab le, thisdat abase also include s photos of recalle d product s that have beenvol untaril y submitt ed by recalli ng firms to the FDA to assist thepubl ic in identif ying those product s that are subject to recall.
Browse by Hydroly zed Vegetab le Protein Contain ing Product s   
      Topics on this Page                                                                     Bouillo n Product s      Dip and Dip Mix Product s  Dressin g and Dressin g Mix Product s
   Gravy Mix Product s
-Packaged Meal Product s
   Prepare d Salad Product s
   Snack and Snack Mix Product s
  Soup Mix Product s
   Stuffin g Product s
 Downloa d All Recalle d Hydroly zed Vegetab le Protein Contain ing Product s

on: March 10, 2010, 03:39:59 PM 18 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Cannabis Religious Defendant Convicted of Possession

NEWS VIA: Cannabi s Therapy Institu te
For immedia te release: March 9, 2010

For more informa tion, contact:
Roger Christi e, THC Ministr y, Hilo, HI
(808) 217-9352

Cannabi s Religio us Defenda nt Convict ed of Possess ion

Click here for photos of today's hearing:

{Georgetown, CO} -- Trevor Douglas, a 25-year-old Avon, Colorad o residen t,
was convict ed on the charges of possess ion of less than one ounce of
marijua na and possess ion of marijua na paraphe rnalia by Clear Creek County
Judge Rachel J. Olguin-Fresquez. He was sentenc ed to 15 hours of communi ty
service and $200 in fines.

Judge Fresque z reasone d that Trevor's acts were not part of an "organiz ed"
religio n. She said that what Trevor was engagin g in was more philoso phical
beliefs than organiz ed religio n.  She said since the Church of Univers al
Sacrame nts, a Hilo campus-based church, was now defunct, that Trevor could
not claim he was a member. She also said that since Trevor's affilia tion
with the THC Ministr y came after his citatio n, it was not relevan t to the
case. Judge Fresque z used the Supreme Court decisio ns of US v Meyers and
Cantwel l v. State of Connect icut in reachin g her verdict .

"The verdict wasn't what I was looking for," said Trevor Douglas, "but the
judge thought she was doing what was fair in her mind."

Denver cannabi s attorne y Rob Corry agreed to represe nt Trevor at the last
minute. "I have no doubt that Trevor is sincere in his religio us beliefs,"
said attorne y Rob Corry. Corry was disappo inted in the decisio n, but said
that the judge's gave valuabl e informa tion for future cases.

Click here for photos of today's hearing:

Redistr ibuted as a Public Service by the:
Cannabi s Therapy Institu te
P.O. Box 19084
Boulder, CO 80308
Phone: 877-420-4205


on: February 26, 2010, 02:05:49 AM 19 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Western Slope Medical Marijuana Meeting/March 7

Western Slope Medical Marijua na Meeting
Sunday, March 7, 2010
Clifton Town Hall
126 2nd Street, Clifton, CO
Sponsor ed by: God's Gift
Call 970-609-4438 for info.

on: February 05, 2010, 12:09:31 AM 20 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / Testimonials & Opinion / MMJ Candies Helping Stomach Troubles

 :-[ I am finding that ingesti ng thc in some form like the hard candies have had a relaxin g effect upon my nervous tense stomach . I am amazed at how effecti ve it has been.  And that hard candy is tasty too. Hardest part is limitin g how many you eat.

on: February 05, 2010, 12:02:38 AM 21 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Enjoying the Development of Local MMJ Businesses

 ;) I have been enjoyin g watchin g the Dispens aries and Care Giver service s grow and develop .  It has been really interes ting.  Everyon e has their own version s, their own looks, their own pluses and minuses .  Good luck to all!

on: December 29, 2009, 01:54:19 AM 22 Community Bulletin Board / BULLETIN BOARD | GROUPS | INDIVIDUAL / Osteoporosis Reversed by Prunes

 :) Osteopo rosis has been recentl y proven to be reverse d by eating prunes - or recentl y renamed Dried Plums - by taking only 3 or 4 a day!  Has high potassi um (290 mg), 8% viamin A, 2% calcium & Iron with 1 g of protein, 12 g of sugars and 11% fiber.

on: December 29, 2009, 01:15:48 AM 23 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / Do you Want Salt or Ketchup with your Fries? / POLL - Care Giver Extras

Is too much enough?  How many product s do you like being offered? 
  • Just MMJ (medical marijua na)?
  • MMJ & Cannabi s Product s (hash/oil/tinctures/clones)?
  • MMJ, Cannabi s Product s & Edibles?
  • MMJ, Cannabi s Product s, Edibles & Paraphe rnalia Supplie s?
  • All MMJ Product s and other interes ting Holisti c Product s?
  • MMJ, Product s, Edibles & Massage/Oxygen Therapi es

on: December 29, 2009, 12:48:53 AM 24 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / Your Feelings on Colorado's New MMJ Laws / POLL - Do You Feel Safer?

 8) After years of living undergr ound, how do the new laws grantin g availab ility of medical marijua na affect your:
  • level of comfort
  • ease of availab ility
  • paranoia
  • safety
  • choices

on: December 19, 2009, 04:09:37 PM 25 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / Your Feelings on Colorado's New MMJ Laws / Are you Happy with the new Laws?

 >:( No solicit ing
 :o No sexual content
 ::) Please join the forum and tell everyon e your thought s.
 :'( Sorry - only MMJ card holders can vote.
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