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on: February 27, 2011, 07:48:24 PM 1 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / All for One or One for All? / Re: Should out of state growers sell in Colorado?

I am not sure about transpo rt across state lines but a path from Califor nia through Arizona and New Mexico would keep you in an MMJ state and avoid Utah.

on: February 27, 2011, 07:30:03 PM 2 MMJ Patient Questions & Answers / General Discussion MMJ Concerns / Educating the public about the virtues of Medical Marijuana

I'm sure you have heard all the argumen ts used by the trolls on the interne t against medical marijua na.
While I make every effort to correct the disinfo rmation and propaga nda they post I sometim es feel alone in my efforts .
A combine d effort to educate the voters of Colorad o and the City of Grand Junctio n residen ts in particu lar is needed. With the pending decisio n to ban dispens aries in Grand Junctio n this April, time is of the essence .
As a patient my financi al resourc es are limited but my energy is unlimit ed.
I believe that with most issues educati on is key to winning . Beginni ng very soon the "POT NAZIS" of Grand Junctio n will begin their effort to pursuad e voters to ban the dispens aries. With dispens aries banned in Mesa County, Delta and surroun ding cities the closest outlet will be in Rifle 60 miles away, we need to defeat this ban.
Money and coordin ation is needed to educate voters with the truth.
I will suggest dispens arie owners develop e an associa tion and raise money to buy radio,TV and newspap er ads to simply dispell the myths and propaga nda that will be spread by the POT NAZIS bent on closing s the shops in Grand Junctio n and then the state. I believe this will best be done by simply stating facts avoidin g argumen tative positio ns and infalma tory remarks . Monitor ing news channel web sites and overwhe lming the trolls with sheer numbers will also help.
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