Where you surpris ed by Amendme nt 64 passing?

Totally! Never thought it would happen!
 1 (25%)
Yes but I was hoping.
 0 (0%)
I knew someday it would pass.
 0 (0%)
I fought HARD to stop this Law.
 0 (0%)
I worked HARD to make this happen!
 1 (25%)
This will help heal the economy .
 0 (0%)
I feel more secure.
 0 (0%)
Worried About the Fall-out and resulti ng restric tions.
 1 (25%)
It won't affect me.
 0 (0%)
Worried about the results of this ground-breaking law.
 0 (0%)
Scared Big Busines s will take over.
 1 (25%)
Hope this opens doors for more start-up busines ses.
 0 (0%)
This will ruin the USA!
 0 (0%)
This will be great for tourism .
 0 (0%)
This will pit neighbo r against neighbo r.
 0 (0%)
This will bring people togethe r.
 0 (0%)

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Author Topic: November 2012 A Good Year for Colorado MMJ Fans  (Read 3395 times)

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November 2012 A Good Year for Colorado MMJ Fans
« on: November 25, 2012, 02:46:08 PM »
Well, who would have believe d it?  Thank you to all the activis ts who have tireles sly worked on MMJ freedom in these US States.  Well done Colorad o and Washing ton!  Thank you - The People! 
I want to also thank all the anti-mmj activis ts too!  They finally showed themsel ves to be so ridicul ous, unintel ligent and pushed their persona l wants too far thus pushing the crowd in the opposit e directi on. Thank you Diane Cox for being a proud example of how whiny reteric turns people off.  Thank you for losing more votes than you ever won.
Now what will happen? Will the pseudo interes ts spoil the People Given Right like always? All those trying to make a buck with new laws, fines, clarifi cations   and if-and-buts.  The way I see it; the lawyers were jealous of the Doctors making all that money and passed laws for hiring stimula tion.  Big busines s saw the rush and wanted in. They added up the numbers .  No one wants small busines s start-ups when there is a big profit ahead. It is all about the Powers-at-large squashi ng the 98% efforts to join. My advice is, as I observe d the whole deal develop, this time KEEP A LOW PROFILE!  Stay behind legal closed doors sans Cheech & Chong type motifs and names.  In Grand Junctio n we know who was above board and who was breakin g the laws, jerking everyon e around with incredi ble careles sness, lies and bullsh*t.  They would have been weeded out and the busines s in general would have righted itself - if given time; but the wrongdo ers ruined it for everyon e.
All I can say YES! to another hit to the cartels! YES! to nouveau homegro wn!  YES! to more Power to the People!  YES! to real surpris es like Amendme nt 64 passing!
PLEASE: keep a low profile / don't flaunt / fight restric tions and don't give them any reasons . Let's take the MMJ busines s to the next level to mainstr eam it without a growing base of haters. Cherish this Right - or it will be Taken!
You never fail if you learn somethi ng.