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Are the laws for caregivers in Rifle any different from Glenwood Springs ?


Are the laws for caregiv ers in Rifle any differe nt from Glenwoo d Springs and Carbond ale?  I have heard differe nt things like caregiv ers still allowed to sell to dispens aries?

Basical ly the laws are the same for statewi de caregiv ers and mmj centers .  There may be differe nt local ordinan ces that may dictate what is offered, their hours of operati on, whether they have concent rates or edibles ...  It is very convolu ted and I don't know. Rifle may be a bit looser than Glenwoo d Springs .  Each caregiv er or center seems as differe nt as each owner, trying to comply and underst and the laws as best they can.  The centers are heavily regulat ed, I don't think caregiv ers are as much. 

I guess now they have complet ely stopped allowin g


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