Author Topic: Our Dispensaries are Gone - Doesn't Anyone Have Anything to Add?  (Read 4166 times)

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So the 'Right' mobiliz ed and out-voted the right to MMJ the majorit y voters gave to us.  Go figure.  So, where is everyon e?  Doesn't anyone have somethi ng to say?  The Cannabi s Cup is at the end of the month in Aspen and Mesa County is out of busines s!  Aren't you disappo inted? I know this forum is hard to use but TRY!  Diane Cox of Palisad e is turning her narrow born-again sights on destroy ing the last standin g MMJ Center in Palisad e, with her coaliti on cohorts .  We deserve to lose the Right if everyon e remains silent.  But then again, why should anyone draw attenti on to themsel ves or need to be noticed at all.  The powers-of-greed -to-be lied to us and waylaid our Law.  So OK no one wants to stand out and be a sitting duck, so let's quietly get a list togethe r and start boycott ing the busines ses and persons and groups that activel y sought to destroy the MMJ busines ses.  We just stop support ing them.  In this small town that CAN make a differe nce.  So start nosing around and make a few calls and see who activel y helped the ban pass.  Email us and we will compile a list. And then be brave and actuall y stop using their busines ses: just don't eat there, don't use their service s, don't support their causes, don't shop there, stop buying there.. . We can make a differe nce.  Even quietly!
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