Author Topic: What Went Wrong? In my Opinion...  (Read 3527 times)

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What Went Wrong? In my Opinion...
« on: April 08, 2011, 04:20:57 AM »
 :( Frankly I feel that the mmj repeal in Grand Junctio n is mainly due to to the
careles s ridicul ousness of many dispens aries promoti ng in-your-face adverti sing, bad placeme nt of their centers, some owners careles sness of losing records, dispens ing medicin e in questio nable contain ers, not making good on their special s, breakin g the rules, overall over-pricing from the beginni ng, marijua na leaves plaster ed on the outside of their shops, goofy cliche names, the list goes on. If everyon e was behind plain unmarke d busines s-zoned office doors no one would have noticed .  Am I the only one that felt the LEAST importa nt as a patient? Am I the only one who thought the pricing was greedy and way too high in general for us patient s? Am I the only one that felt I heavily support ed many dispens aries and got little back?  How about an email or call that you were closing?  I truly loved the whole scene watchin g the busines ses grow and we fully support ed and freely adverti sed for them, but NOT ONE dispens ary linked to us or gave us any news or ran special s through us [at no charge].  But we are none-the-less sad and grievin g for all their wasted efforts, applaud ing their achieve ments; and also for the continu al stupidi ty of this area and for the unsuppo rtivene ss Grand Junctio n showed when everyon e complie d.  Now that the corpora tions know how much interes t people have in mmj product s and how much money they will spend, they will grab this Right and own it - and us;  to use it for their corpora te profit/greed.  What out everyon e! [is that monsant o I smell?]
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