Author Topic: The hostility shown by the law enforcement community against CMM Patients  (Read 4717 times)

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As I read the news from the various Interne t outlets I realize that the law enforce ment communi ty is hostile toward patient s of the CMM laws. They are apparen tly disrega rding the civil and human rights of these citizen s and finding any reason to charge them. I read about a couple that was charged with child abuse because they were growing their meds in there home. Maybe they had nowhere else to grow the stuff, I donít know the particu lars. The bottom line is if they canít bust you for the marijua na itself then they will find somethi ng they can harass citizen s with. My suggest ion (and planned action) is if they pull this on you is to beat the charges and turn around and sue the law enforce ment agency that charged you with malicio us prosecu tion. I see no other way to make the law enforce ment communi ty respons ible for their actions . Anyway this is just my opinion . I would love to hear yours. Thanks R

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Re: The hostility shown by the law enforcement community against CMM Patients
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2010, 10:18:24 AM »
Law enforce ment is in general - hostile .  Liquor is legal but they will bust you off a bicycle if they can.  Society in general is hostile to change, control led by underli ning fearful ness, lack of educati on or curiosi ty, anger turned into oppress ion, ignorin g the fact we all are becomin g corpora te run. People become brittle by constan tly hiding basic unhappi ness, it promote s the lack of caring, at times just too broke to care; that is how the corpora te giants have taken control over our fresh water, seed and food product ion, all medicin es, energy & communi cation, news, governm ent, disinte grated our laws and regulat ions, ignorin g our infrast ructure , stealin g our money & our lives.. . Do you think they will let free enterpr ise and new entrepr eneurs develop and threate n their control and make money?  No More Room at the Top - for anyone but the privile dged few.  They have been at war with us for a decade - we just don't know it. Try to sue them or go to court against the law enforce rs, that takes big bucks and clout.  Who's got that anymore?  The state went in and took a big big cut out of the dispens aries; promisi ng them complia ncy and then withdra wing their right to conduct busines s. How dirty was that?  But there were radical entrepr eneurs out there being success ful.  Not beholdi ng to anyone, not bought out and paying dues, not cartel, having success?  Not in this country now, not unless people mobiliz e, boycott, run for office and vote both sides out and regain your persona l power.
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