Author Topic: Is Californias possible legalization of marijuana a threat to Medical Marijuana  (Read 6543 times)

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This Novembe r, Califor nia voters will go to the ballot box with their decisio n to legaliz e marijua na statewi de. If legaliz ed how will it impact the Medical Marijua na industr y? How will it affect the other states that have Medical Marijua na laws on their books? Will Colorad o soon have a ballot issue of its own, will the voters support it. I don’t know! What do you think? Are you for it or against it? Take the survey….please, thank you!

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The problem I have with Califor nia activis ts is there "please tax my pants off" attitud e. Yes, there is some tax revenue for the State.. it is however NOT the awesome source of tax revenue that activis ts are promisi ng.

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I disagre e.  I think while the economy and busines s is way down I think the revenue from the MMJ Centers have been quite the boom to the States.  Just the licensi ng alone pulled in million s they would not have been getting .  And include what the dispens aries have paid?  How is that not big bucks for the State?  Again with the taxes?  Why don't republi cans want to pay into their country to keep it going, help with educati on, pave the roads and fix the bridges?  Do you think the corpora tions will volunte er the money and labor?  You pay taxes to protect your country like you pay for car insuran ce, homeown ers, propert y taxes.. . and everyth ing else that needs upkeep.  That respons ibility comes with being a mature adult.  Why don't republi cans want their part of the respons ibility ?  Who is going to do it? 
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Weed decrimi nalizat ion regulat ions project ed to have economi c advanta ges. Contrar y to popular belief, Washing ton state and Colorad o did not legaliz e weed. As the substan ce is still governe d, voters in those states really passed cannabi s decrimi nalizat ion regulat ions. Semanti cs aside, those states are poised to reap economi c benefit s of doing so, not least of which being million in tax revenue . How often have you needed more details on how to get payday loans, and resorte d to an interne t search on "reputable payday loans?