Author Topic: Our elected officials and the question of Colorado Medical Marijuana  (Read 4077 times)

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 This is part of an e-mail I sent to our Colorad o law makers last week.

Legisla tors need to stop posturi ng and paradin g those same unfound ed fears in front of the public, in order to frighte n them into backing, out of control regulat ions on patient s rights. Patientís rights should be the first discuss ion held before any legisla tion is conside red. How can we (the state of Colorad o) protect the patient s, keep the supply of their medicin e constan tly availab le, provide for the mainten ance of the quality of the medicin e. These should be the primary concern s of our elected officia ls. Then we can conside r how to keep the other issues that may or may not occur from happeni ng. I just read on the news that the Colorad o state Departm ent of Health has a six month back log due to the nearly 1000 applica tions it receive s daily. Well lawmake rs thank your selves, you made such a big deal out of pushing these regulat ions you have frighte ned everyon e into the applica tion process fearing future restric tions. I am still curious to know how many people in Colorad o legitim ately qualify to be on the registr y. Do you the lawmake rs of Colorad o have access to the statist ics, telling all of us how many people in Colorad o have a qualify ing CMM ailment? If you do, I am curious to know has the CDHE reached that number of patient s on the CMM registr y. If not, what is all of the woofiní about. Obvious ly if there are two million qualify ing patient s state wide, and only four hundred thousan d on the registr y the number of applica tions will continu e to grow. If the lawmake rs of Colorad o donít know approxi mately how many qualify ing conditi ons exist, why not? Also if you donít even know how many qualify ing patient s there are why all of the drama concern ing the growth in CMM applica tions. I would appreci ate an answer on this issue, from any of our Senator s or House Represe ntative s.

Respect fully, and sincere ly

Robert Steele

I have not receive d an answer as of yet!

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Re: Our elected officials and the question of Colorado Medical Marijuana
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2010, 12:56:39 AM »
It's funny how some law makers,politicons,and people in general have been or are against medical marajua na clinics and legaliz ation  but If they Tax the clinics high enough or they see how much of that city,county,or states' finance deficat es are paid off with money from them they're all for it.HIPP OCRITES ! Either your for them or not.Don't let the money comming from the taxes or liscenc ing change your mind.Le t the people who need it be allowed to get it verses running into danger trying to relieve their medical condion s by having to turn to illigal drug dealers .