Author Topic: Canna-Conn Canna-Meds *Strong Pain Relief and Appetite Rejuvenation in Chemo  (Read 6323 times)

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After the last year we have started to refine the Canna-Med researc h with 1st and 2nd stages of most cancer treatme nt process as a suitabl e replace ment for medium strengt h pain killers . I have gained feedbac k that is a lot more that I could have ever hoped for when develop ing a medicin al form of MMJ suitabl e enough for inexper ienced patient s who wish not to or are unable to smoke their medicin e. The effects vary slightl y due to toleran ce and experie nce but none the less the results are all the same, it packs a strong Indica punch and is not for recreat ional use nor for the unseaso ned MMJ user without consult ation. I offer these as samples to MMJ patient s who are in Chemo and have trouble gaining the apatite to eat and keep nourish ed and are looking for an afforda ble alterna tive to costly and harmful chemica l Analges ics.
If anyone on the western slope is interes ted in a free demo and consult ation please do not hesitat e to send me an e-mail and I will come to your locatio n with samples .
Serving Colorad o license d MMJ patient s and Dispens aries through out Colorad o.