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Immaculate Conception
« on: December 08, 2014, 09:37:52 AM »
Now that over 31 states have medical or legal cannabi s laws on their books, there’s one importa nt part of the process left out of the discuss ion: The part where legal cannabi s growers can obtain cannabi s seeds in USA. Cannabi s growing license s are being distrib uted, state by state, to recreat ional growers and patient growers who qualify for a license after meeting certain criteri as and policie s set in place by their states health departm ents.

Those legal cannabi s growers must obtain cannabi s seeds , clones, or cutting s from someone who can supply them. This situati on is known as “immaculate concept ion” or the “first seed” problem . Most of the states laws are silent on the issue and have no specifi c wording that targets the acquisi tion of cannabi s seeds and the use of the word cannabi s is general ly too vague with current laws, which forces officia ls into a “don't ask, don't tell” stance because none of the states laws say anythin g about how growers are to acquire cannabi s seeds.

I know this can stir up a lengthy debate but that's why I am posting it. And it is legal to obtain hemp seed oil online in USA but people just don't know it. Most of it is high in CBD too while the FDA has CBD and hemp seed listed as a dietary supplem ent while they approve d it for childre n with epileps y. You still got compani es graspin g at the misconc eption that most hemp oil does not have high CBDs in it. And they are afraid the FEDS will start coming after them so they are using the press to make up excuses .

We should congrat ulate our congres sman and politic ians once more for passing 11 laws that don't seem to be needed, but hey they are passing some laws regardi ng CBD for childre n and we should be happy with what we can get from greedy old neocons who only pass laws based on Sanjay Gupta TV investi gations their wives tell them about.

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Re: Immaculate Conception
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2014, 12:47:26 PM »
It is hard finding any seeds in America now, tomato, pepper or marijua na. And yes! You are not allowed to mail in any seed legally . It is a big problem .
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