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August 2015 - Check your outside plants carefully! Sexing time!
The males are showing this week and it is time to remove them! Also
be on the lookout for insects; it is an especially bad year for bugs.
FYI: if spraying for bugs make sure your plants are in the shade and
cooled down before applying sprays or you might inspire curly misshapen
leaves and abnormal growth, but they can normalize after that. Good Luck!
I have reopened the forum and registration for those who need it but am
still being HACKED by foreign countries jealous of our freedoms.

Even with the closing of the forum's links they are still getting in
so I have made Registration to be accepted by admin in order to join.
If anyone has received junk mail or anything from this site, please email me.
HACKED! Our Forum has been spammed by foreign countries, like the Russian Federation
and others, and we must close our Registration and close our Forum until it can be fixed.
Too bad these losers can't find something worthy to do. Get a life!

Ever discover you have Greek feet? Where the 2nd toes is longer than the 1st.
Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, back aches, hips, ankle or foot problems;
and not found satisfaction? Check out little known ' Morton's Toe '.
Watch what you are doing when attempting to make hash oil!
Three explosions in two weeks in Grand Junction! Do it outdoors when there is a breeze, never indoors!
I heard that all seed banks are now closed down and there is to be no mailing into Colorado any seed
from anywhere or country. The only seed allowed to be sold would be seed bred by the local Center itself.
Warnings About the Fabulous Vape Pens
It is best to keep your ePen home if you are heading for the high country. I have heard many reports
by MMJ Centers of many types of problems even while they are transporting them to their stores in the
high mountain towns. I heard the most problematic are the Rem Pens which actually explode. The high
altitude also can cause leakage and permanently damaged units.
Over heating them in the summertime
is also a bad idea as the oil leaks out and into the mechanics and cause failure. Even leaving your ePen
in the car in the sub cold can make the oil clump and become unusable and can also damage the pen.
Take care of your pen and it will take care of you.
Colorado became the first state in history to begin accepting applications from business owners
wanting to open adult use marijuana stores! This application process continues the implementation of
Amendment 64, which Colorado voters approved in November 2012 to replace marijuana prohibition
with a model that legalizes marijuana for adults and taxes and regulates it like alcohol.
Beware of caterpillars dropping off trees in this wind & rain and attacking your harvest!
They can devastate a budding plant within a few days, ruining your buds, turning them brown
and leaving lots of excrement throughout, rendering the buds useless.
Time to Plant! It is now safe to plant your meds in Western Colorado. Hope you started your seeds
indoors already or can get a hold of some clones. Remember to use high quality soil, start with
great strains of seeds or clones, give noon sun protection, make it a hobby and pray the wind lets up!

Need a license? Two Doctors making the rounds in Grand Junction are:
Dr. Wendy Zaharko Call for appointments at 970-319-0652. Serving every other
Thursday at the Ramada Inn, 752 Horizon in Grand Junction, subject to changes.
Dr. Barry Bialek 303-449-4777 / Dr. B's Mountain Mobile Clinics -
located in Frisco, Edwards, Glenwood Springs, Rifle, Grand Junction,Durango,
& Steamboat Springs. Call for clinic dates and to schedule an appointment.


Wow! We won!"Amendment 64 Passes Legalizing Marijuana in the State of Colorado [and Washington!]
Although Colorado "legalized it," it will be several months, perhaps as long as a year,
before Colorado adults 21-and-over can enjoy the legal sale of marijuana. However, the
parts of the amendment related to individual behavior will go into effect as soon as
Governor Hickenlooper certifies the results of the vote, a proclamation he is obligated
to do within 30 days of the election." reported by The Colorado Independent.
FYI - Clones are not sold in Glenwood Springs, Rifle or Vail area. The closest
place to buy clones for the Grand Junction area is Frisco, call ahead and order.
Otherwise Denver and outlying areas have certain MMJ Centers selling clones. Order ahead.
Now is the time to plan out your outdoor garden. Get those seeds started indoors & start
naturalizing the new growth for replanting in a choice spot outdoors. Remember to count
backwards from an approx late October harvest and plan your varieties, sativas may take up
to a month longer. Enrich and fertilize the soil beforehand to give your plantings a good
strong long lasting foundation; manure, bone meal, peat moss and sand for drainage.
Palisade Votes to Keep MMJ Dispensary - Diane Cox = Loser
Congratulations Jesse and Desa Loughman on running a decent intelligent campaign.
The Town of Palisade is the winner. And so are all the legal card holders in need
of medicine. I think Rifle is more than ready for Diane Cox and her phony coalition.
Here is Your Chance! Discussion for new bill HB1261 is on May 10, so write to everyone
on this list from the Cannabis Therapy Institute and let them know how you feel
about their severe limits on driving while minute levels of mmj is in the system.

Hey MESA COUNTY - What is your Solution? What is your contingency plan to set in place
when you changed the law the People voted in? You took something away and need to replace it
with something else - not just leave everyone hanging?

Call and let Palisade know how you feel! I told Palisade town council that I will call for a
boycott of Palisade businesses, services and Farmer's Market/Fairs if they allow themselves
to be maneuvered by a few ridiculous inflexible, uncharitable, intolerant, compassionless dogmatists.
And with no intelligence behind them!
Grand Junction is no example to follow.
Diane Cox and her shills seem to have no answers or solutions and WHAT are their
alternatives? Call and tell them how you are coping, how you feel about their work
towards banning the only mmj center left in Mesa County. Ask them why?

Boycott Grand Junction Businesses and Show your Power! I am dropping my Grand Junction business
license and will no longer be selling or paying sales taxes in G.J. I will no longer buy in G.J. either.
I will buy in Palisade until they drop their dispensary and then I will mail in my stuff - like I used to.

Here are some names of the culprits to boycott and vote the bums out next election!
Please keep sending in names and businesses responsible!
Some Right-Hand-of-God fakers:
Betty Beidelschies, Linda Gregory, Diane Cox, Craig Meis, Janet Rowland, Greg Palmer, Bruce Hill,
Sam S, Bill Pitts.
These people need to go to their deserved resting place - retirement - to contemplate
what they have forced upon all of us in pain. I keep asking myself; what have we done to you?

And about Craig Meis - what is this about being for the environment? I was THERE when one of
your workers called in a dangerous drilling spill and heard Meis bullying the worker to go back to
the site and re-mark it safe! The ex-soldier had a breakdown and couldn't do it because it was an
environmental hazard but Meis sent in someone else to mark it "safe." Some environmentalist!

And Diane Cox; your son bought out God's Gift Dispensary and the other one is a caregiver? Yet
you mobilize to close down all the dispensaries? That is like calling yourself a Christian but your
killer dogs have ripped up and/or killed all your neighbor's beloved pets? Over and over and over
again for over 20 years. For over 5 years you poison your neighbors with your 'composting' methods
by collecting tons and tons of Graff fecal waste and Talbot's rotted fruit letting it sit and stink & whose
gasses build and force neighbors to move from their homes? Forcing out an 80+ year old neighbor
who loved you? Visit Stink Piles and check out the love the Cox's bring to East Orchard Mesa
in Palisade. Along with Talbot and Graff. The holy trinity! Pathetic!
4/5/2011 Grand Junction Votes - Shoots Down Dispensaries - by not much over 50%.
From Rifle east through Denver business is booming! Grand Junction just can't stand success.
The Right [Hand-of-God] has shot down more of our freedoms while preaching democracy
simultaneously; making people in pain suffer more, leaving them only one choice no one
can afford anymore - Dr.s and Western medicine with their roots firmly in the drug
corporations grand plans. It is time to boycott their businesses and stop supporting them.
Starvin' Arvin can keep his marquee and his breakfast plates graced often with a hair
or two! Anyone PLEASE add to my list of local companies, churches and organizations
mobilizing the vote against MMJ Centers.
Let's hit them where it hurts! Email me!
Dec, 16 2010 AP Release: The State Licensing Authority announces new regulations
to the Colorado Medical Marijuana Code
[House Bill 10-1284 effective July 1, 2010]

In a 99 page list of draft rules crafting the nation's most extensive rules for all commercial
marijuana sales, growing facilities and transportation between. Colorado will govern all aspects of
the commercial sale of marijuana including: how growers raise their pot plants, 4 pages of banned
pesticides and chemicals, patients must remain with caregiver for at least 120 days, new labeling on
edibles, dispensaries are required to implement complete video surveillance and recording systems for
24 hour monitoring keeping all sales on camera & keeping them 20 days, new sale curfew of 8am - 7pm or
fines or loss of business, rules for confiscated goods if under investigation and lots lots more!

In fact it is an extremely precise collaboration of lawyers, police, revenue department and city
councilmen - obviously furious they were left out of the boom year Colorado's dispensaries and
Doctors had, so now they are turning the screws to make it impossible but BIG money to invest
in these Centers. Full 24 hour surveillance, multiple limited designated areas under video at all
times, licensing up the kazoo for all workers, visitors, drivers... fully compliant for mandated
plumbing, ventilation and waste systems for processing and for workers, strict health regulations
for banning unhealthy workers, complete removal system for any waste; explicit composting methods
for sticks, leaves & trimmings... the list goes on [and on] but the point is goodbye Mom & Pop shops,
or ANY small producers. This knit-picky policy adjuncts seem drawn up by lawyers, for lawyers, to
provide sure profit for lawyers, with the Courts busy amassing multiple fines to bolster the state
effectively shutting down all independents, small willing entrepreneurs turning it into corporation
material. Are there no small business owners allowed anymore in America! Just the continual rape
by BIG corporations. Why can't they watch our food producers like this? Where is the paper
trail for ecoli epidemics? Where are ANY rules and regulations for the meat packing corporations,
pesticide companies? How about the monopolies? Are they regulating genetically engineered seed
and animals? What's in the beef and jacked-up milk? Where is any fresh water left - not privatized &
owned by corporations? Do they watch what is going into cigarettes? Gun powder and saltpeter?
But medical marijuana is the danger. Seemed to me things were going real well without
any interference with very little problems and a growth spurt for the economy and small business.
The Powers that Be just Couldn't let THAT Happen!

Grand Junction Petition Wins! Medical Marijuana Centers allowed within city limits.
That means Clifton, most of Orchard Mesa and outlying regions are out. Musical chairs?
Grand Junction City Council Stops MMJ Dispensaries within city limits!
G.J. can't live without cartel rule. Honest legal business revenue isn't good enough, in this
bad to awful economy. Instead end the only up-and-coming businesses successfully
running & make up the needed revenue by stopping every car on North Avenue for
traffic offenses like driving over 3 mph or after having a beer with your dinner out.
Nazi Germany comes to mind. Papers!
New Suck-a$$ Laws will Ruin it for Everyone!
Compliancy by July 1, 2010. Check out Bill HB1284 & SB109
Failure to Meet Deadlines May Be Treated As Criminal Offenses and Prosecuted.
All Medical Marijuana Centers that are operational,
or have applied before July 1, 2010, will be allowed to continue to
operate. Colorado will impose a moratorium on new Medical Marijuana
Centers from July 1, 2010 through July 1, 2011. On or Before August
1, 2010, you must fill out forms from the Department of Revenue and
pay the big-ass fee. On or before September 1, 2010, Medical Marijuana
Centers must certify to the State that they are cultivating at least 70%
of necessary medical marijuana. [It is a poorly designed law built around
the assumption that patients, dispensaries, growers, edible manufacturers
and caregivers are fundamentally dishonest.]

The law is intended to trap the unaware. It is also intended to scare people out of business.
Fond memories from the Aspen Cannabis Crown April 2010
by Cultivating Colorado. Pictures too.
Aspen's Cannabis Crown - Success or Failure?
Check out our Report and Opinion - Check out the pictures.
Please Help Shoot Down Newest MMJ Bill
Contact: Cannabis Therapy Institute 887-420-4205 for more info
TAKE ACTION NOW! / Call or email your local House and Senate Members
and ask them to: VOTE NO ON HB1284 and SB109
House Offices: (303) 866-2904 / Senate Offices: (303) 866-2316

Made in USA Sales

Therapeutic Magnetic Jewelry made to order in Colorado; for the self-controlled relief of many
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Specializing in
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Naturally antibacterial sea sponges for sale plus the coolest soap/sponge in goat's
milk soap in fabulous scents. Sea sponges can last up to 10 years! Luxurious and natural.

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