Western Colorado Medical Marijuana Clone Bank

Delivery / Grand Juncton, CO.
1-970-640-2440 / Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm


Western Colorado Medical Marijuana Clone Bank

WCMMCB is a local clone bank maintaining a consistent and a wide
range of Medical Marijuana strains. Currently they have five strains
available. They are planning to have twelve strains available soon.
All clones are delivered, rooted in rock wool cubes, placed
in a plastic container. Instructions for care are included.

WCMMCB guarantees the consistency and virility of the clones,
provided they are cared for properly. The Clones are grown under
HPS/MH in the 1000w range. No mold, No mites; ready to go into
PH balanced soil or to be placed directly into a hydro system.

Minimum order 10 plants outside the Grand Junction area.
Current Medical Marijuana Registration card and valid photo I.D. required for purchase.

Clones are priced as follows:

  • Established clones 1-3” $5.00
  • Rooted clones   2-4 ”   $10.00
  • Sub plants      4 - 6 ”    $20.00

    Available Varieties

    1. Sage  (indica, sativa mix) grows well indoors, good yields.
    2. Skunk (indica) grows fast needs HID HPS/MH to do well.
    3. Afgan / Humbolt  (indica/sativa mix)  -  likes to grow tall.
    4. Northern lights   (indica)   -    strong growing flowers fast.
    5. Super Silver Haze(indica) potent;  grows well in/outdoors.