The First Annual Aspen Cannabis Crown

Presented by Bobby Scurlock & High Country Caregivers

Competition among Medicinal Marijuana Care-Givers
in the State of Colorado

And the Winners Are:

#! - Kandy Kush from Rocky Mountain Remedies; Steamboat Springs, CO.
#2 - Grape Ape from Mahooka Dispensary; Denver, CO.
#3 - Mantanuska Thunderfuck Still checking into this
#4 - Chocolope from Holistic Healthcare; Edwards, CO
#5 - Sage / Best Over All Bud from Medical Marijuana of the Rockies; Frisco, CO.
Honorable Mention - Banana from Nature's Medicine; Grand Junction, CO.

Congratulations Kevin & Ryan Fisher, co-owners Rocky Mountain Remedies
for winning the Cannabis Crown with gardener Ray Thomas. Have fun in Amsterdam!
& Congrats Blakely Stein for winning Ms. Cannabis Crown!
BELOW: Account of the Weekend, Whos was there, Personal Opinion & Picture Slideshow at Bottom

Aspen's Cannabis Crown was quite the event!
At times a happy mob to quiet conversations there were the many moods.
The Gant, the St. Regis and Aspen were quite hospitable. The group
was self-contained and mostly just trying to figure it all out.
What's happening, where, when and where's Willie?
The Gant Hotel was nicely spread out with a social center of pools and areas to hang out. The Cannabis Crown was situated in a great spot with a great outdoor upstairs deck into a welcoming room with beer and wine and snacks. Further on was Full Spectrum Labs with their impressive equipment ready and willing to test your mmj medicine. The banquet room beyond that was full of vendors, bakers, candy-makers, growers/dispensaries and satellite companies. Many of the dispensaries/growers samples were also represented downstairs, mostly all anonymously, with the samples of varieties of mmj for sale by the $20.00 gram by the Cannabis Crown hosting dispensary. There were also edibles, candies, specialty mmj energy drinks, glass blowers with their wares: pipes, vaporizors, pouches and containers.
There was more fun and info at the St Regis, down the block; with check in, the showing of your card and receiving a colored wrist band. That was the ticket in. Inside was a banquet room with lots of entities represented; satellite venders, dispensaries, edible bakers, Red Moon Chronicles, soil and fertilizer reps, vaporizer inventors, pipe makers with many NOT selling because of the heavy levy placed upon the vendors by the host.
There were a few pioneers of the MMJ movement there with the sad absence of Jack Herrer, sadly having died two days earlier. Fortuitous to have attended Rick Cusick, publisher owner of High Times, Anita Thompson wife of Hunter S. were around with guest speakers scheduled like local attorneys, doctors, financial advisers, security experts and guest speakers advertised were Bruce Perlowin 'The King of Pot', Bobby Platshorn or 'Bobby Tuna' author Black Tuna Diaries, Jackie Woerlee Amsterdam activist, Tim Gordon with NORML and Medicinal Gardens of Colorado. I missed most all of the speakers until the end. There was a hemp fashion show by Summer Star Haeske, a Miss Cannabis Crown picked [Blakely Stein] with a dj J-Don steadily pumping away his music [and himself] behind a runway, speech podium and chairs for a sitting area.
Saturday was the busiest, although raining and sleeting, with a lot of confusion and a moratorium [hate that word! ] with them closing down the main viewing and buying area at The Gant by mid afternoon. That was very disappointing for many - esp if they were there for only that day.
Sunday was a beautiful Spring Rocky Mountain day and made the event even better with the walking, wandering and hanging out outside. The Sky Hotel was also a good spot to hang out. We stayed there and it was very nice. Unless you were too wasted by partying the night before. There were parties and bars and a comedy club playing 'The Marijuana-logues' by Tony Camin and Rob Cantrell. The Hunter Bar had a Meet & Greet VIP Party on Saturday night. But many crashed out tired and preparing for the next day.
At 4:20 on Sunday the Cannabis Crown winner was announced with many winners of raffles and had lots of give-aways from vendors who rather give their stuff away then sell them with the big cut for the host.
Unfortunately the event ended in the hands of Rifle Mountain Dispensary [:(] who kept delaying picking the winners at their raffle for buds forcing us to rock to the over-amped DJ while they were so very busy gleefully counting their many dollars over and over again and again; trying to sell more tickets while everyone left just wanted to head home. They finally got around to 'anonymously picking' the many winners of bud gifts to, I guess, their friends and whomever names the idiots were recognizing in the 'anonymous' bowl they heavily eye-balled and repeatedly threw choices back. The second biggest bud went to someone not there but they blew that off too. It seemed a total in your face fixed rip-off but what can you expect from Rifle? Go home to your sheep, cowboys.
There were Friday events not advertised that were sign-ins and Meet & Greets with the best cannabis' contestants and judges and a VIP party at Eric's Bar.

Memorable vendors:

Local News / Who's Who

There were many dispensary and caregivers present representing themselves and showing off their prize bud collections.
There were Denver area based dispensaries and many Western Slopers from Aspen, Carbondale thru Grand Junction.

I noticed from Grand Junction there was Naturals having a good time running around, luckily there was someone left to watch the booth!
Heavenly Healing put in a good show
and had everyone's favorite bouquets ever! Red Moon Chronicles were there spreading the word
Thanks guys for all your good work and your great mmj newspaper and info center. Gregg and his entourage were buzzing around from
Mesa Alternative & Wellness, as was Travis of God's Gift, Jeff of Victory Gardens and I heard Nature's Medicine was around
and they won Best MMJ / Honorary Mention for their SAGE! Congratulations!

Personal Opinion

In my opinion: Great idea badly executed. There was no basic information that came with the tickets and not much online.
Sign in was lousy, many having to go on long tedious lines two and three times and had to sign over caregivership with the promise
of forms being destroyed. That was disturbing. It was intrusive and with little explanation. We all had to go on trust.

How did they pick golden passes, ones who got to judge? I hear there were forgeries and the judging was imperfect. There was the
promise of over one hundred varieties but where were they? We were cut off from the event because of overcrowding on Saturday but
all Sunday there were less than 10 varieties for sale. Growers were forced to sell their ounces for $200.00 and they hosts sold it
for $20.00 each gram with almost no labeling; who grew the stuff and where did it come from? Wasn't that the point?

It seems the Hosts were most concerned with covering their costs and for printing their fancy over-sized, full color, expensive glossy
MMJ magazine. Every punk, and there many, were offered the mag for free; I had to ask for one after buying their t-shirts. I never
heard about the fashion show and speeches. Where was that posted? They did get the crowds but there was little communication from the
Hosts. The growers were mad, the dispensaries were mad, the ticket holders were mad and the vendors were furious. Maybe the town hunt
was in the Hosts minds and even planned but no one I spoke to never heard about it. And I asked. Then to leave the ending of the weekend
to Rifle Dispensary to f-it up for everyone left, everyone trying to be supportive. It ended on a bad note for the loyal who rode it out.
That Sucked!

Poignant Points: Where is a list of the winners? Who picked them? Was that the test scores by Full Spectrum Labs or popular vote or what? On the
video of the reading of the winners I can't pick out what the fellow is saying. The leadership was weak and the point was profit. Where is the
follow-up? Where is anything on their website AFTER the fact? A summary, pictures, the winners... Or are they still counting their profits and screw
everyone? That leaves me with little respect for the direction and the professionalism this business is showing. Will people come back next year?

And the winners are..

1: Kandy Kush - from Rocky Mountain Remedies; Steamboat Springs, CO.

2: Grape Ape - from Mahooka Dispensary; Denver, CO.

3: Mantanuska ThunderFuck - from still looking for that

4: Chocolope - from Holistic Healthcare; Edwards, CO.

5: Sage - Best Overall Bud from Medical Marijuana of the Rockies; Frisco, CO.

Honorable Mention: Banana from Nature's Medicine Dispensary; Grand Junction...

Congratulations Kevin & Ryan Fisher, co-owners Rocky Mountain Remedies for winning the Cannabis Crown with gardener Ray Thomas. Have fun in Amsterdam!

Miss Cannabis Crown is Blakely Stein! Congratualtions!

Aspen Cannabis Crown Slideshow / May take time to download all pictures